This is the first in a series of film images I will post, completely on their own, because I feel that they demonstrate the beauty of film photography, its painterly quality. I will call this series ‘Drawings of Light’, which is also the title of my blog.

Travel, Tuscany

December 16, 2016

‘After the Harvest’

On a beautiful sunny day in a beautiful area of the Netherlands, as the sun was about to set, I had arranged this ‘styled’ couple session, because I wanted to experiment with film photography and sunlight during golden hour. My brother and a good friend of his were so kind as to model for me […]

Love stories

September 11, 2016

Couple of Friends

On a beautiful cold but sunny day in between Christmas and New Year’s, I was asked to capture a family of six; Paul & Ellen and their four teenage children, and dog Noa. They often go to this beautiful nature park┬áto unwind. It was such a fun afternoon! Thanks so much Paul, Ellen, Sascha, Kiki, […]

Family, Portraits

September 10, 2016

Wintry Family shoot