On Change

As an exception, or maybe as part of the new start, and because it’s my 36th birthday, this is a personal blog post, to tell you a bit about what has happened in the past few months. So I have moved back to the Netherlands after an amazing, 8-year-long adventure in Tuscany, running bed & breakfast ‘Casa Capanni’ as well as holiday apartment ‘Casa Fiore’. The older I get, the faster time goes (as most people experience), and I always feel this most strongly in this month I was born in; November, maybe because of the Autumn and my sign ‘Scorpio’; a theme in my life (and most people’s lives I think) is definitely ‘letting go’.

I have to add that we never really left the Netherlands; we (the people I went on this adventure with; my parents, my partner Rogier, my sister, and our friends) never officially emigrated, kept our house and spent most Winter months in the Netherlands. But still, now we are back full-time. Although we still have one apartment, in the village church, located almost next to the B&B, which we will continue to rent out as a self-catering holiday apartment. It was a very strange experience, to pack up all of our stuff (and store it, which is a lot I can tell you…but we also sold some of it and moved some back to our house in Holland). To leave a place you’ve called home for eight years is odd and not easy, but on the other hand, we were ready for a change. Running a B&B is a lot of fun but also hard work and we had very little privacy. (Maybe my Dutch readers know this, because of the television show ‘Chateau Meiland’. I have to say that watching that show is a feast of recognition!)

So it’s dual for me, this change. I’m not really sad, because we won’t leave Tuscany definitely, we can still stay there a few weeks a year, which is already a lot. I’m really excited for the future and happy to be back in the Netherlands. Spending so much time in Tuscany and working in the B&B and for ‘Arte di Vita Interiors’ meant I couldn’t invest as much time and energy in my own company ‘Rosie Reports’ (although my work for ‘Arte di Vita’ will continue!). I’m really looking forward to being able to focus more on my photography. I’m working on a new website as we speak, to reflect the new direction I’m taking. At the same time, I’ve started a new course/training, to become an editor (editing fiction), because I can never choose between photography and writing; I have to do both! Can’t wait to share more soon! If you’ve read to the end of this post; thank you!

love, Rosie

Images by the lovely Wit Photography