During the Female Frames Live event there was a styled setting in the category ‘Motherhood’, with actual mums with their cute daughters! The event was attended by lots of Dutch female photographers, and we were allowed to shoot in groups of three, for only five minutes! Children are very lively so it was a real challenge! I’m happy I got these shots, even if only a few, because after all, one image says more than a thousand words! I’m really looking forward to adding this category to my portfolio; I love capturing mums and their mini-me’s (or should I say ‘mini-thems’? That sounds a bit weird)!

As they say, kids grow up fast, and time flies, so I think it’s very important to have photos of yourself with your child(ren) as they grow up! You might not think it important right now and feel that you have enough photos on your mobile phone as it is, but in twenty years’ time those mobile photos will have lost a lot of quality. If you’d like to book a Motherhood portrait session with me, take a look at my website, or request more info by getting in touch with me!