Moody & Industrial Family shoot

On the 4th of January on a cold, grey day this family shoot took place in an abandoned building. The weather and the setting were a great match, helping to create that popular dark and moody look to the images, but the mood definitely wasn’t dark! This family was very bright, sunny and spontaneous, which was an absolute joy to capture! I’ve known them for a very long time and have been photographing them for a while too! It’s great to see the kids grow up into beautiful, strong adults. If you’ve been following me for a while, you may have recognized the daughters Sascha & Kiki, who I’ve photographed on their own or together a bunch of times.

The two brothers’ girlfriends also joined us, which was great! I can see why mum Ellen was so proud of everyone. In spite of the chilly location, we had so much fun that after a while we didn’t feel the cold at all! Even the family dog ‘Noa’ went with us; she’s 13 years old! Just a few hours of fun and you have images to cherish for a lifetime.