Magical Cornwall

Summer holiday in Cornwall shot on film

In the middle of August I spent a week in Cornwall for the first time in my life. I had always wanted to go there, so this was really my dream holiday. I love the coast and particularly wild, windy coastlines with rocky cliffs tumbling into a deep blue ocean. The people who know me know that I’m an anglophile. When I was fifteen I had a map of the UK on my door, and I could look at it for hours and memorise locations. There was one location in particular that caught my attention and imagination; Tintagel. I was just learning about the legend of King Arthur. It seemed to me that it had to be one of the most magical places on Earth.

Of course I grew up and growing up usually means a lessening of the imagination. But when I finally actually found myself in Tintagel, it was every bit as magical as I’d imagined it to be! For me, film photography is also magical. So being able to capture that magical place on film, was really wonderful. And then to receive the scans and see how well the colour of the ocean turned out! Really true to life. But, no matter how much I love these film images; you have to see and experience Cornwall for yourself! Because every part we visited (and we visited a lot!) is gorgeous. I also really fell in love with Cadgwith Cove, a properly unspoilt fishing village, simply stunning. Just imagine living there…