Literary Art Prints

“I will write my story for my better self”

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Unfortunately, I can’t remember how I came across this, but I do remember being struck by this quote and print immediately. Ever since then it has fuelled my imagination and acted as a source of inspiration for my short story and novel ideas. Sharing this feels very personal, because I am only at the beginning of writing new work. I hope to reach the point where I feel comfortable to share some of my prose, but let’s take baby steps and start with what inspires me.

After digging a little deeper, I discovered that this beautiful print has been made by ‘Obvious State‘, a New York-based creative studio after my own heart, judging by their tagline ‘in pursuit of wisdom and beauty’ and by their gorgeous literary art prints.

I think it was discovering this print recently (amongst other things) that set me on the path of return to my roots; literature. What fascinated me as a twenty-year-old literature student still fascinates me at thirty-five. Film photography has definitely enriched my life and how I look at life and I’m interested in exploring the connection between ‘words’ and ‘images’ on my blog. This post is the kick-off of this ‘new’ direction.