Lifestyle/boudoir inspiration session

After my stay in England, I was in Holland for a short while, before I’d head off to Italy. Together with wonderful fellow photographer Gaby Jongenelen we managed to squeeze in an afternoon of shooting together, at her lovely home in Rotterdam. We had both participated in the first Inspire session hosted by Holly Marder and Hanke Arkenbout and we wanted to keep the inspiration going ;-). Gaby had arranged for two beautiful girls to be present, who could model for us. It was a very relaxed afternoon, with beautiful sunlight streaming through the gorgeous bay window in Gaby’s house. I shot both digital and film. First, I’ll show the digital images, taken with my Nikon D300 with f1.8 85mm.

As promised, here are the film images taken during the inspiration session at Gaby’s home, on Fuji Pro 400H and Ilford HP5, developed and scanned by UK Film Lab.

I love the stillness of film, and how it captures light and texture.

Many thanks to Gaby, Maaike and Brit!


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