Hanke & Holly’s Inspire sessions

On Wednesday the 20th of January I attended the first of the ‘Inspire sessions’ hosted by Hanke Arkenbout and Avenue Lifestyle’s Holly Marder in Holly’s beautiful home in Delft. I was so happy when I read their intentions for this new kind of workshop, which is too informal and relaxed to be called a ‘workshop’ which is why they decided to opt for the name ‘inspire sessions’. And that’s a very apt name! A bunch of creative people, not just photographers but also stylists and bloggers, gathered to talk, exchange experiences, ask questions and learn from and be inspired by Hanke & Holly’s approach to their work/art. I’m a great admirer of both Hanke and Holly, I love Hanke’s style of photography (and of course the fact that she also shoots film, so she is a great role model for me) and I love Holly’s style as well, the way she decorates homes, her love of simplicity and natural materials. What is so wonderful, is that this isn’t supposed to end with one session, but be the start of a community of creative people who support each other and cooperate, instead of compete.

I’m so glad I participated and got to meet lovely people! I brought along my two Mamiya’s and shot two rolls of film in a matter of minutes, which I sent to UK Film Lab immediately afterwards and I got my scans back really quickly and was so happy with them. I’m quite amazed at how light they are, seeing as when we were shooting, there wasn’t a lot of light as it was a dark drizzly day. However, Holly’s home is very light, with white walls, so that helped! Beautiful couple Shamilla & Koen were there to model for us and we got to shoot almost every corner of Holly’s home. I hope we didn’t leave too much of a mess ;-). I left with so much inspiration, and excitement for the future!



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