Film loves Pienza

Ever since I started living in Tuscany for a few months each year (because of the B&B I run there with family & friends) I have been taking photographs of Pienza, a town in the beautiful Val d’Orcia. Last month I photographed Pienza again, but this time with my Mamiya. Pienza is UNESCO World Heritage and rightfully so: its stunning location on top of a hill overlooking the Val d’Orcia, which is one of the most beautiful valleys in Tuscany, the old town itself with its lay-out and buildings of soft yellow stone and alleys with names such as ‘alley of love’ or ‘alley of fortune’, the Pecorino cheese for sale in the many tiny shops…I could go on. It is one of my favourite towns and I think one of the most beautiful towns in the world, together with Bath, England. As I thought, the medium of film captured Pienza beautifully, much better than any of the digital cameras I’ve used before.

I especially love the way the image of the ‘tired pilgrim’s chair’ turned out 🙂

Film developed & scanned beautifully by Canadian Film Lab.



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