Dancing under the Tuscan sunset

Tuscany has been suffering from a drought and intense heat the entire Summer, which is why the Val d’Orcia is a bit like a desert this August. Although this is terrible (lots of harvests will fail), I do really love the colours. Together with Sascha I set up this lifestyle portrait session in the Val d’Orcia. She matched her outfit to the colours of the valley lit by the setting sun, the yellow ochre and raw sienna.

Sascha is a student of Media and Communication and she is building a following on Instagram. She has a great fashion sense and she loves to be on both sides of the camera; in front as a model and behind it as a photographer. She is also a dancer. I’ve been studying Erich McVey’s Wedding photography workshop and it inspired me to be bold during this shoot, to capture Sascha while she was dancing, on colour and black-and-white film. I focused manually and shot during golden hour, which is over before you know it, so I had to act really fast. I’m really in love with how film captures movement! And golden hour of course, film and golden hour are a match made in heaven. Many thanks to Carmencita Film Lab for the wonderful scans and for Sascha for being my muse.

Model: Sascha Beemsterboer

Outfit: model’s own



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