Toen ik er in maart achter kwam dat ik zwanger was, was de pandemie op zijn hoogtepunt. Ik was natuurlijk door het dolle heen, zeker gezien mijn vriend en ik al een tijd aan het proberen waren, maar tegelijkertijd was er wel de zorg om de pandemie: wat voor effect zou dat hebben op mijn […]

Motherhood, Personal

September 4, 2020

Zwanger tijdens de corona pandemie

I finally picked up my camera which had been gathering dust. To be precise, I picked up my new digital camera (Nikon D800) with my 85mm lens and I photographed some ‘props’ that I found in the house, using my natural light studio (white paper background, window light from the left). I edited the images […]


April 28, 2020

Quarantine Still life

As an exception, or maybe as part of the new start, and because it’s my 36th birthday, this is a personal blog post, to tell you a bit about what has happened in the past few months. So I have moved back to the Netherlands after an amazing, 8-year-long adventure in Tuscany, running bed & […]


November 2, 2019

On Change

The story of Bank Cottage in the Cotswolds is a bit of sad story. We (my family and I) got to know the area, the Cotswolds in England, whilst staying in our friends’ Cotswolds country house, and we completely fell in love with it. It’s an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty for a reason. That’s actually […]


October 6, 2017

Farewell to a Cottage