Welcome to my lifestyle blog, where I share visual stories about life in Tuscany as a Dutch expat film photographer from my home 'Casa Capanni', a bed&breakfast I run with family & friends. I also share stories here about kindred spirits such as fellow expats, creative entrepreneurs and small businesses who care just as much about sustainability as I do.

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'Slow' living in Tuscany


September 18, 2018

Two whole months of Summer are behind us, ‘Luglio’ (Italian for ‘July’) and ‘Agosto’ (Italian for ‘August’), usually the busiest months of the holiday season for us. This season, however, we had a rather slow start to July and a little break in the last week of August, a whole week for a ‘staycation’! That […]

From Summer into Autumn


July 23, 2018

June is probably my favourite month in Tuscany. I used to think it was May, which is when nature is at its greenest, interspersed with those vibrant pops of bright red; the poppy flower. But in June ‘the fields of Gold’ appear, the beautiful golden grain, which make the landscape even more breathtaking. A drive […]

The Bounty of a Tuscan Summer


June 25, 2018

Film photography is literally a slow process, because I have to wait for my rolls to be developed. The element of waiting really adds to the enjoyment of shooting film, though. While I’m shooting I have no idea how my images will turn out. It means that I’m far more conscious of every shot I […]

Slow Flowers Monticchiello


May 4, 2018

Tuscan artisanal textiles Last September I was in Montalcino for the day and I came across this wonderful little shop, “Sartoria Principe”, filled to the brim with home linen and clothing made entirely by hand by the women who run the shop (two sisters). They use beautiful Italian fabrics made from natural materials like linen, […]

Sartoria Principe Montalcino


April 16, 2018

Overview of ‘slow’ lifestyle workshops I follow a lot of likeminded people on Instagram, a lot of them fellow creative entrepreneurs, and so I often come across the most wonderful sounding workshops…although I wish I could, it’s impossible¬†to attend all of those workshops! Instead, I thought I’d make an overview, for you, my fellow creative […]

Spring Workshops


April 7, 2018

MY FAVOURITE BOOKSHOP Books are definitely a part of an analog or ‘slow’ lifestyle. I really hope that there will always be libraries and bookshops, especially like my favourite bookshop; “Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights”. That name alone…brilliant! They’re based in Bath, which happens to be my favourite city. I’ve been there quite a […]

Favourite Bookshop in favourite city

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