The Tuscan country home people dream about...I get to live here! The irony is that I've always dreamed of living in England...but trust me, I realise how lucky I am. That's why I want to share the beauty of this region with you, every aspect of living in Tuscany, the beautiful light, the towns, the countryside, the food, the people, the culture. Life, the slow way. 

casa capanni

'Rosie' is short for Rosanne. I'm 34 years old, a Dutch anglophile and bookwurm who lives in Tuscany :-). That's why you'll also find stories about Holland and England here. I occasionally write and photograph for magazines as an interiors journalist. My logo for 'Rosie Reports' was created by the wonderful Wells Makery, showing a developed roll of film and a quill to demonstrate my two passions. 

meet rosie

(Beautiful film image taken in San Gimignano by Heledd Roberts)

Words cannot express how much I love shooting film. It's my favourite thing in the whole world, so I'd also love to shoot film for you; if you need images for your work or if you'd just like your memories with loved ones captured in a beautiful, lasting way. Get in touch for info about prices and availability. 

film photography

I'm also part of a group of people who run a business based on friendship, who aim to live, work and create the 'slow' way: 'Arte di Vita Interiors', an interior design agency with its own paint and fabrics, a B&B and holiday homes in Tuscany and a concept store in the Netherlands. 

arte di vita