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I'm Rosanne van Cruyningen, fine art film photographer and interiors journalist. I discovered a love of photography during my time at Utrecht university studying English literature. I'm crazy about film photography. As soon as I had shot my first roll of film I was hooked. I've also always loved to write.

I love that 'photography' means 'drawing with light'. Writing, to me, is drawing with words, describing a scene with words so that an image takes shape in the reader's mind. Film photography, to me, is drawing a story with light as my medium. The camera is my paintbrush, canvas, paper and quill all in one. I let the camera be an extension of myself and draw moments with light.

Together with my family & friends I run B&B Casa Capanni & holiday home 'Casa Fiore' in Tuscany, a concept store in Amersfoort (the Netherlands) called 'Capanni lifestyle', a line of chalk- and lime paint called 'Arte di Vita'. For more info, visit (design & photography by my hand).

I'm from the Netherlands originally, but you can find me in Cortona in Tuscany (Italy) most of the time where I live and work in Casa Capanni with my partner Roger and my parents. 

I am a member of the NVJ (Dutch Association of Journalists). 
KvK (Dutch Chamber of Commerce): 59740507
BTW/VAT: NL181823354B01

(beautiful film images by Heledd Roberts)



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