It's so lovely to meet you! I've always loved that 'photography' means 'drawing with light'. Writing, to me, is drawing with words, describing a scene with words so that an image takes shape in the reader's mind. Film photography, to me, is drawing a story with light as my medium. The camera is my paintbrush, canvas, paper and quill all in one. I let the camera be an extension of myself and draw your story with light. 

love, Rosie

- film photographer & interiors journalist -

Lifestyle Film Photography for... ...the wanderers, the art lovers and seekers of a slow & sober lifestyle
DO YOU... try to live soberly & consciously?
DO YOU... like to slow down from time to time?
DO YOU... ...value artists, artisans & work made by hand and with love?
IF THE ANSWER IS YES... ...then I think you'll appreciate how I work!
Reports on Interiors I write about and sometimes photograph beautiful interiors for magazines.

Currently based in Tuscany

Film and natural light is a match made in heaven. That's why I consider myself very lucky to live in Tuscany, where the light is golden. I'm also available for photo sessions in England (the Cotswolds) and the Netherlands.