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You want to have both the milestones and the precious everyday moments with loved ones documented.

You want your designs into which you poured your heart and soul to be handled with care and captured in the most beautiful and authentic way possible. 

Film photography is like drawing a story with light. It is the perfect medium to create timeless, high quality images with authentic detail, texture and colour. 

 stories drawn with light according to a fine art, organic aesthetic

the Philosophy

If you book a lifestyle portrait session with me, together we will arrange to meet in a location that holds meaning for you. I will ask you to dress as you would normally do, casual, because I like to capture people as they are. 
I shoot with a Contax 645 and Mamiya 645 on Fuji Pro 400H film and I use a light meter. There are 15 frames on a roll. So during the portrait session I will need to change rolls a few times. This means that you will experience a more relaxed shoot, slower, and more 'in the moment'. 

the Experience

working with rosie

the Result

You will end up with images with more depth, texture and beautiful skin tones, with real grain instead of fake. These images come close to reality, yet somehow also capture the moment in the best way possible. Film images are like little paintings or drawings of light with grain, texture, softness, depth and movement frozen in time. It's as if you can literally touch that object or as if all of your senses are back in that moment, experiencing it again.

Fields of Gold

I'm based in 2 different locations: Leusden near Amersfoort in the Netherlands and Cortona in Tuscany (Italy). Of course I would love to travel to where you are! But seeing as I'm based in Tuscany, if you're planning something there (an elopement, engagement, anniversary, honeymoon or a holiday), you could save the costs of flying in and accommodating a photographer. 

tuscany | the Netherlands

the Location

'Rosie' is short for Rosanne. I discovered a love of photography during my time at Utrecht University studying English literature. I’m equally passionate about books, writing and film photography. Next to my work as a film photographer, I occasionally write (and sometimes shoot) for magazines as an interiors journalist.

I'm from the Netherlands originally, but I consider myself very lucky to live and work in B&B Casa Capanni in Cortona, Tuscany with my partner and my parents. We're also an interior design agency with our own paint & fabrics (Arte di Vita). For more info, visit (photography & design by my hand).

Rosanne van cruyningen: bookworm - thoughtful - film photographer - writer

meet Rosie

(Beautiful film images taken in San Gimignano by Heledd Roberts)

I have a few favourite cities in several countries, but I love living in the countryside. I feel like my soul has space to breathe there.

the Countryside

Pienza is my favourite Tuscan town. It is located in the beautiful Val d'Orcia. It is one of my favourite locations for photo sessions because of the golden light on the warm stones. 


"To see a World in a Grain of Sand 
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower 
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand 
And Eternity in an hour"
from 'Auguries of Innocence' by William Blake

my favourite poem

At Casa Capanni we have four dogs. Our old dog (15) called Zoe, 4-year-old Poppy, 3-year-old Bailey (a shi tzu) and Floortje, another shi tzu who is nearly 1 year old. We also have four cats: Beer, Lucca, Fay and their mother Julia. 

my Pets

My absolute favourite city is Bath in England, on the edge of the Cotswolds. For a large part it has to do with my favourite author, Jane Austen, who lived here and some of her books are set here. 

city of Bath

a few of my favourite things:


Fine art travel

more of my work on the blog



lifestyle portrait sessions

You can book me for a session in the comfort of your home, a location in a town or the countryside where you spend a lot of time or which holds special meaning for you and your loved ones. Inquire for info about prices.

Vacation / holiday photography

Have you heard of vacation or holiday photography? Instead of taking selfies or asking random strangers to take their picture, people are starting to hire a professional photographer while on holiday. If you’re on holiday in Tuscany you could have me tag along to capture a part of your day, an outing or a whole day, or we could arrange a photo session in an epic setting in the Tuscan landscape or in one of Tuscany's hilltop towns during golden hour. Inquire for info about prices.

sessions for makers & artists

Are you a maker, artist or designer looking for images for your portfolio, branding and website? I would love to capture your designs/products, but also how you work (the process). Get in touch for a custom price quote.


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Smudge & Blur is the name of my blog, or online gathering place about fine arts, crafts and conscious living. Here I will report, using film photography, about makers, artists, my fellow film photographers as well as fair interior design, fair fashion and slow travel.  

Smudge & Blur

blog / online gathering place


I can't wait to hear from you! I speak English, dutch and a tiny bit of italian.

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“Light turns the ordinary into the MAGICAL” (Trent Parke)




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